EduParadise help institutes to manage their complex task with just a few clicks. EduParadise manages different tasks like manage students, parents, teachers and nonteaching employees of the school. EduParadise makes it possible to reduce parent-teacher communication gap, in a fraction of seconds every single update is notified to parents and students.

We Provide Following Services On Request.

Customization Services

EduParadise school management software is designed to meet requirement of every single institute, our team consist of experts with several years of experience in their domain and According to your requirement a suitable design and integration's can be added to meet your need.

Website Design

To represent your institute online with a beautiful and attractive website, we provide you service for web development. To get the best web site for your institute you just have to select one from wide no of templates.

Cloud Base

EduParadise is fully online and highly available software for school management. It does not need of any installation on clients end, neither hardware nor software. It is accessible from any computer, tablet or cell phone from any corner of the world.

Website & Hosting

Free website domain and hosting for your web site. Sub domain and limited no of pages (5)

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