How does an online school management system helps school to excel the performance

The online school management system is a dynamic platform which helps academic institutions to manage their whole activities via the web, irrespective of locations. It promotes the communication between administrators, teachers, students and parents in an effective manner.It is much different than traditional offline school management software which needs computers with minimum hardware capability. The modern web based institute management software is independent of devices, it can be accessed from anywhere any time.

Let’s know about some of the handy features of an online school management system.

School automation Softwares are highly useful for academic institutions. Administrators can keep an eye on the overall process of the institution and manage its day-to-day activities effectively.Let’s know about some of the handy features of an online school management system.


If teachers can access the academic details of each student at a click, it would be easier for them to create classroom strategies effectively. Student management module helps you to store all academic and personal data of each student in an orderly way. So, it will be easier for teachers to access student data and create lesson plans according to the needs of their students.
If students get academic sessions as they wish, you don’t need to take much effort to get them engaged in their studies.


Teachers know better, how hectic it would be to manage the needs of irregular students. You have to teach the same topics, again and again, to keep them on the right track. In fact, it’s a sheer waste of time and may affect the smooth workflow of the entire class as well. Attendance module will help you to keep an eye on those regular absentees.


The flawless evaluation system is crucial to ensure the quality of education. Traditional ways of evaluation and assessment involve a lot of paperwork and hence increases the workload of teachers. Online test modules help you to create exams for different subjects easily and precisely. Evaluation can be done instantly and you can send a copy of test reports to parents.


Earlier, it was not that easy for teachers to assign topics for the entire class. Assigning topics take time and it may prevent students from completing other tasks. But, now teachers can assign a task for students easily with the task management module which tells about the cleaning services If your students get their topics earlier they can work on it in a better way.


As everyone knows, sticking only to syllabus will not improve student knowledge. Judicious use of school library can help students to improve academically and personally as well. Library management module helps teachers to analyse the reading habits of children. You can suggest good books via student information systems to instil good reading habits in them.


Last but not least, let’s talk about parent portals. Better parent – teacher communication is important for the academic success of students. Parent communication portal creates you an opportunity to reach out to parents. Regular communication with the parents helps you to know more about your students so that you can change your teaching style according to student needs.


School administrators suffer to heavy workload during the admission days. The reality of admission process is a paperwork nightmare for every staff working in an academic institution. Each and every form such as application forms, personal statements, payments, etc.need to be filled and verified by staff at every stage.Top rated school management applications like EduParadise Here comes the feasibility of online admissions. With online admission module, you can systematically organise admission process easily. This will help you to process and review all admission related tasks within a short period of time.Managing admission via online not only helps you to manage the process flawlessly but also reduces your printing budget for application forms.


The benefits are not limited to the administrators only, Online institute management system allows parents and students to receive important notices and announcements on their mobile devices. Parents and students would benefit a lot from this system. It securely stores parent and student’s login credentials and allows them to login in an instant. Online admission form can fetch this data automatically once administrator enters students unique id in the system.


Forget about time consuming enrollment process, minimize the effort to enroll and make your admission process easier not only enhance the experience for schools, it can speed up enrollment for parents as well.According to experienced educators, minimizing the effort to enrol is the best possible way to get a quicker improvement in enrollment. When there are fewer hurdles to the admission process, parents will be happier, particularly if they are considering other schools as well.


The most striking advantage of online admission is its increased security. The data will be kept confidential by the encrypted information system. Therefore, your information is more safe with us. Changing to an online admission management system can help schools ensure that they never lose an application because of a delay in mail service.

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