Simplifying Education system

EduParadise, the institute management system is design with progressive attitude to change traditional education management system.EduParadise system will Increases the student achievements & teacher performances. EduParadise is designed after actual requirement gathering from research undertaken for six months with different institutes in different localities.
Our team of skilled developers has developed EduParadise a complete solution to meet exact requirement of customers from different institutions. More than 300 of Schools have joined EduParadise and experiencing hassle free education system.
Our goal is to innovate the product and enhance the functionality to provide best service in lowest cost.

Why EduParadise?

EduParadise will manage your school as you want, Starting from admissions to attendance and exams to result cards with standard access to teacher, student and parent for all necessary facilities.

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User's Experience

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Surprisingly easy to use, EduParadises school management system improved efficiency of our school tremendously.

Dr. Pillai School

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EduParadise is the best ERP for schools. All features are fully automated, we achieved flawless execution with EduParadise. It is easy to use for staff, students and parents and can use it from anywhere. We appreciate the fact that when we have questions or complications, we can send in a help ticket and the EduParadise Help Desk is quick to respond with answers and solutions.

MDS School

Testimonial 1

EduParadise custom was just the tool we needed; it is highly flexible and right in our budget

Ideal Public school

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your institute by 62% with Eduparadise?